Luggage Boxes & Trunks

For many of our valued customers, their scooter and/or bicycle is more than just a recreational vehicle. Many love to take their scooter on an adventure and require extra storage space. At the Scooter Domain, we understand this need and therefore provide a whole range of luggage boxes, trunks, tools and accessories.

Choose from the perfect line of roll bags, underseat bags, crates and luggage boxes for your storage needs. Accessorize them with different color tops, fix them with brackets and find replacement keys and sets in no time at all. Each easily available at affordable prices, the Scooter Domain has all your luggage needs covered - literally.

If you want to start carrying more luggage than ever before, click on any product below. Our stylish scooter storage solutions will have you taking what you need on your special journeys and adventures. For more information, feel free to contact us.

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