Electric Scooters

Most recreational scooters are a great way to zip around and have a lot of fun. The only limitation is the use of gas. While fairly inexpensive, the easy alternative is an electric scooter, plenty of which we carry. Because at the Scooter Domain, we want you to enjoy scooting your way!

Whether you want to sit or stand, enjoy a simple or complex design or want a relatively low-powered or zippy scooter, we house a large collection of different electric scooters that satiate different needs. Available in a range of colors and prices, with a host of accessories, you can purchase the ultimate electric scooter more affordably than ever before.

We offer a large range of electric scooter brands including, but not limited to the Go-Ped, I-Ped, Razor and X-Treme. With over 6000 parts available in our warehouse, we ensure that you can always find the spare part you need in the rare chance your electric scooter faces problems.

If you would like more information on our electric scooters, feel free to contact us at here.

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