Lance (SYM)

Like us, Lance and SYM gas scooters have always believed in the principle of quality scooters. Compared to the average Chinese scooter available locally, Lance and SYM gas scooters are faster, more durable and reliable and evidently require less maintenance. As a result, they are a little pricier. That is because like us, the brand gives you dramatically better quality for a bit more money.

Lance and SYM gas scooters were created from the need for higher quality gas scooters that offered its owners more joy and fewer breakdowns. Lance and SYM gas scooters are aimed at giving you greater value, better reliability, and significantly improved quality.

Made in Taiwan, SYM gas scooters break the “cheap Chinese” stereotype to give you a hassle-free riding experience. Backed with our 24 months limited warranty, we help you spend a lot more time enjoying your Lance and SYM gas scooter and significantly less time worrying about part failure.

View our catalog below and stop by our showroom to feel the difference a quality gas scooter can make. Choose the Scooter Domain and you can rest assured that your scooting days will be filled with joy, not misery. 

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