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Upgrade your scooter, motorcycle, ATV, or dirt bike performance with our high-quality Roller & Slider Weights. These essential components are designed to fine-tune your vehicle's CVT system, providing smoother acceleration, increased top speeds, and better fuel efficiency.

The general rules to follow when selecting roller weights for your scooter. 
Roller and slider weights are essential components in tuning variators for scooters. The weight of the rollers affects the RPM needed for gear changes, ultimately impacting the scooter's performance. - Heavier roller weights result in slower take-off speeds but offer more acceleration, leading to higher maximum speeds. - Lighter roller weights provide faster take-off speeds but less acceleration, resulting in lower achievable speeds. Choosing the right balance of roller weights is a personal preference based on individual needs. Scooter racers may opt for heavier weights to achieve higher overall speeds, whereas daily users might prefer lighter weights for quicker take-off speeds. Slider weights, made of nylon, offer approximately 20% more power compared to traditional rollers. They slide instead of roll, resulting in increased durability and longevity. When tuning your variator, consider the type of riding you do and your desired performance outcomes to select the appropriate roller or slider weights for your scooter.

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